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November Town Information Letter

Web page townoffountainnc.com Facebook: Friends of town of Fountain/ Friends of Fountain Wellness Cente

Town Office:   252-749-2881   Mayor:  Kathy Parker 207-632-6655

Events       Any questions for town special events contact Commissioner Johnson 252-417-8200 or Commissioner Strickland 252-714-6459

*First Mon of month              Bingo at the Community Building @ 6:00

*First Sat of the month          Men’s Prayer Breakfast @ Wellness Center

*Second Tues of the month    Town meeting at the Community Building @ 6:00 pm

*Tues/Weds Weekly                Gentle aerobics class at Wellness Center @ 5:45

*Tues/Thurs                               Chair aerobics at the Wellness Center @ 9:30

Fountain Rural Fire Dept

Fountain Wellness Center

Town Meeting: 11/8/22

Microbrewery approved, brewing only, no public access

Chicken Ordinance approved (no more than 10)

Electric lines limb trimming approved

Employee Christmas Bonuses approved

Purchase of Outside 14’ Christmas Tree approved

2023 Holiday Schedule approved

Martin Marietta is giving out 30 Thanksgiving dinners

Fall Clean-up was canceled

New Employee hired for Maintenance


We have been very busy in the month of November: Successful Veterans Event, Greenville ENC Board Meeting, Mid-East Commission Meeting, New employee being trained.  December is busy as well, Town of Fountain will be represented at: Pitt County Mayor’s Association Breakfast, Farmville’s Breakfast and Parade viewing, Pitt County Soil and Water Conservation Breakfast.  Commissioners along with the Mayor are attending these functions.


Town office will be closed:  Nov 24 & 25      Dec 26-27-28

If an emergency comes up and you have trouble getting through our phone service, call a commissioner or Mayor

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas or Holiday


Mayor Parker



November Town Information Letter2022-11-17T11:43:25-05:00

Town Meeting Minutes April 2022



April 12, 2022

5:30 p.m.



Budget Workshop

Present were Mayor Kathy Parker, Commissioner Doris Edwards, Commissioner Glen Vines, Attorney Amy Wells, Commissioner Steven Williams, Commissioner Rhonda Johnson, Commissioner Katie Strickalnd. Town Clerk Letha Hines, and Utility Supervisor Ronnie Williams.

Mayor Parker opened the workshop at 5:30 pm. Town Clerk Letha Hines presented the Board with an up to date Budget to Actual Report to review. She reviewed each Department’s Revenues and Expenditures, answereing any questions from the Board.

Commissioner Johnson asked what the Animal Control expenditures are for. Letha explained that when Pitt County Animal Control comes to the Town to pick up a cat or dog or investigate a report it costs $100.00 per call for them to come. That is the contract we have with Pitt County Animal Control. 

Mayor Parker asked about the YTD for 31-850-00 Water wondering if $7000.00 is the average monthly cost if we’re going to have enough to last the rest of the year. Letha advised that if we continue At $7000.00 for the next three months no. We would need to amend that line item and pull money from other line items in Department 31 to cover the water purchases. 

Commissioner Williams asked it we borrow from other departments. Letha advised no. Water/Sewer stays water/sewer and the same fror the other departments. But other departments can loan money to another department but it does have to be paid back. 

Letha advised that from now until the end of the fiscal year we really only need to spend if its an emrgency. She also advised that before anyone spends, they need to check with her first so a purchase order can be issued if it can be done. 

Letha advised for everyone to get their budget request for next year to her as soon as possible.   

Budgert Workshop by motion of Commissioner Stricklsand closed at 5:59 and moved into Regular Session. 

Regular Meeting 

*Mayor Kathy Parker called the meeting to order.

*Commissioner Glen Vines opened meeting in prayer.

*Town officials present:

Mayor Kathy Parker

Commissioner Glen Vines

Commissioner Kathie Strickland

Commissioner Steven Williams

Commissioner Rhonda Johnson

Commissioner Doris Edwards 

            * Present:

Town Clerk Letha Hines

Attorney Amy Wells

Utility Supervisor Ronnie Williams


*Pledge of Allegiance was said by Board and citizens.

Approval of Agenda, Minutes and Financial Statements

Mayor Parker presented the Board with the April Agenda, March 12, 2022 minutes and March financial statements. Mayor Parker asked that an amendment to the minutes be made to show that Attorney Wells was not present at the March meeting. An amendment was asked for to include Mr. Alex Albright as item #2 to discuss a Zoning question and other items be moved down one. Commissioner Edwards made a motion to approve the April Agenda, March 12, 2022 minutes and March financial statements, and to include the forementioned amendments to the March minutes and the April Agenda second made by Commissioner Johnson. Motion passed with no opposition. 

Petitions and Comments from Citizens

*Mr. Blount and a representative of a mobile home dealer in Greenvillevcame before the Board asking for permission to place a new single wide mobile home on a vacant lot at 3287 US 258 just outside the city limits. Letha advised that this property is located just beyond the Community Store on North 258 highway, a vacant lot. There was perviously a mobile home there. There is already sewr and water connections to that property.  

Commissioner Vines made a motion to allow the placement of a new single wide  mobile home at 3287 US 258, second made by Commissioner Strickland. Motion passed with no opposition. Letha advised that when they were ready to get permits they would need to come by the Town Hall to get a Zoning Compliance Form to take to Pitt County Permitting to get their permits.

*Maxine Ward asked if anything can be done about the water that stands on HWY 258. She said water stands on the highway from Fountain to Farmville. Board advised that is a DOT State maintained highway.

*Toya Chavis asked if there were any plans to have the Peanut Festival this year. Board advised no.

*Tyler Surprenan advised he had noticed a water leak on Wilson Street in front of the Town Hall. Utility Supervisor advised they would repairing that tomorrow. 

Regular Agenda: Includes Old and New Business

1.  McDavid Associates – Rich Moore presented the Board with handouts advising that the ARP plan that the state of North Carolina has been allocateed $763,000,000.00 is all grant money. $332,000,000.00 has been allocated to help communities designated as distressed with water and waste water system needs. Town of Fountain has been desuignated as a distressed community. The last waterline project where we were awarded a 75% grant and |25% loan , they came back and are using some of the ARP money to displace all the loan money on that project. So we’re getting about $125,000.00 worth of grant so that project will be 100% grant financed. In September we applied for asset invemtory money to evaluate assess GIS map, town’s water and waste water collection system were denied but are being reconsidered om May 2, 2022 when these applications are due for the funding source. The benefit for Fountain is being identified as distressed designation. For water and waste water the oldest collection assets and pump station are on North Lynch Street. He has planned for consideration to apply seeking 100% grant financing to not only rehabilitate the Lynch Street pump station but to also replace all of the sewer collection system that is served by that pump station. Which will be all the clay pipe remaining in town. He feels this is a good fit for the program funds that are available. In order to move forward with the application, distressed communities have to apply and adopt 2 Resolutions. The first resolution states the Town will apply for the distressed community money and will comply with all viable utility requirements which include that the town condust evaluations of existing assets including existing rates, going to ask that someone participates or someone participates in some training on viable utility and budget requirements. The second resolution is approving application for funds to perform improvements on Lynch Street for Sanitary Sewer Improvements and to authorize the Mayor to sign the appropriate application paperwork. A lot of the wording has the word loan but the application clearly identifies that the town is seeking !00% grant for improvements so there is no debt service obligation or commitment.

Attorney Wells asked if the signing of the grant application does not bind the town to take it, so if the state comes back and says that part is a loan and the rest grant the town has the opportunity to make a decision on that , if they want a loan or not.

Rich said the state will make an offer, send a letter which an intent to fund with the Offer of Acceptance document that will specify any kind of terms and then the town will have a final chance to accept or deny. This only to apply.

Attorney Wells asked about the viable utility requirements wondering if these are things the town will have to do anyway because of the other projects so we technically have to approve these, we aren’t taking on any additional obligations we already have. Rich advised that’s correct. 

Commissioner Johnson made a motion to approve the Resolution Approving Division of Water Infrastructure Application for Town of Fountain, second made by Commissioner Edwards. Motion passed with no opposition.

Commissioner Strickland made a motion to approve the Resolution Authorizing American Rescue Plan Application Sanitary Sewer Improvements for Town of Fountain, second made by Commissioner Williams. Motion passed with no opposition. 

2.  Alex Albright – Brewery – Mr. Alex Albright advised he wants to ask about a property he owns at 6756 East Wilson St., not the RA Fountain Store, its the one that currently has a tenant in it who uses it as a warehouse and stores his beer that will later be distributed to his stores. Its a business that has been going on, and inspected by ABC and the county. He now is interested in manufactoring his beer on site and getting out of his arrangement with Duck Rabbit. So Mr. Albright asked the Board what steps would be needed in order for this to happen. The tenant is not looking to sell on site this is manufactoring only. He would still need to be inspected by ABC and Pitt County.

Commissioner Vines asked if he will be employing anyone here. Mr. Albright said no not at this point. There is no public involved its a 1 person operation.

Letha advised in zoning it would fall under Highway Commercial and the Commercial Business District. Under the Highway Commercial zone is also permitted all Commercial Business District which is the commercial Business.

Mr. Albright said that at one time there was a manufactoring business in there called Netthercutt Manufactoring who manufactored plastic toys. 

Letha said the only thing she sees close is under the CBD page 24 under permitted uses is #1.

Attorney Wells said thats not really what it would fall under. She said at this point she doesn’t see anything that it would fit into but what she would purpose that she would email to him the relevant parts of this and for he and her to talk about it and then maybe bring it back to the Board next month. Mr. Albright said however the Board wants to proceed he just wants to know before he starts doing anything with it.  

3.  Ex-Officio seat For Greenville Alliance – Mayor Parker said that what that means is that she and Commissioner Stricklsand were assigned to ENC Alliance and what happened is that in ever so many years different people on the ENC Board ger moved into the Governing Board. So its Fountain’s turn to go onto the Governing Board for 3 years and Mayor Parker has been moved to Governing Board. What she did was move Commissioner Strickland into her place on the general Board so she wants to make sure that was okay.

Attorney Wells said it probably needs to be voted on. Commissioner edwards made a motion to move Mayor Parker to the Governing Board of ENC Alliance and Commissioner Strickland to the Genral Board, second made by Commissioner Johnson. Motion passed with no opposition. 

4.  Kids in the Park Renewal Agreement – Mayor Parker said she hasn’t received the Agreement Document from Ms. Alice Keene so we’ll table this til next month. 

5.  Community Building Quote – mayor Parker shared quotes from Lowes for cabinets for the Community building. She advised we’re still waiting on updates on floors. She said she added 3 cabinets which can be removed if Board wants to. She added one above the refrigerator, a pantry cabinet beside refridgerator and upper and lower replacing the shelving behind the door but leaving the space under the window open. This quote shows replacing lower cabinets but not the sink which we are keeping. The quote also includes removing the old cabinets, the installation is $1865.89. The cabinets are grey in color that matches the grey in the floor. Countertopwill be a very light grey. Commissioner Strickland made a motion to approve the quote on cabinets and counter as presented, second made by Commissioner Edwards. 

6.  East Coast Power & Lighting Quote – Utility Supervisor Ronnie Williams advised there are 2 poles on East Mill St., one with a transformer on it that are about to come all to peices. He asked East Coast Power & Lighting to come give a price on replacing/repairing the 2 poles. He said he had mentioned it to Commissioner Vines. East Coast gave a quote of $4,200.00 to replace 2 40″ single phase transformer poles (furnishing the poles) and tree trimming. Commissioner Vines said he would like to see it before he commits. Ronnie said East Coast supplies all the materials and the poles. Commissioner Williams said he wold like to see a breakdown of what we’re paying for. He would like to see it itemized. Commissioner Vines asked Ronnie if this is the same poles that the fuse blew out on a few weeks ago. Ronnie advised yes. Commissioner Vines said he would still like to see what they are going to do and to see a itemized quote. Mayor Parker asked if this is urgent. Ronnie said yes it should be because if the pole breaks and collapses the whole town will be out of lights. Commissioner |edwards made a motion to delay the quote until Commissioner Vines and Commissioner Williams check it out and get an itemized quote for everything that needs to be done for the $4200.00 quote until next month, second made by Commissioner Johnson. Motion passed with no opposition.  

7.  Backhoe Quote – The Board was presented with a quote from Company Wrench, LTD for a new JCB backhoe for $97,234.93. Mayor Parker asked Ronnie if he had any comments on the backhoe quote or tell what he’s been going through to find a backhoe. He said he had no comment. Commissioner Johnson asked if this backhoe is what he needs and if it will do everything he needs. Ronnie said yes. Mayor Parker asked if he had looked at any used backhoes. Ronnie said he has looked but he doesn’t feel it what we want. He found a used one ot the John |Deere place and they quoted like $70,000.00. Mayor Parker advised we can’t continue renting a backhoe at $3000.00 a month. Commissioner Vines said we should research further. He also advised that he wouldn’t be available to go look for a backhoe because he is so backed up with work but maybe Commissioner Williams coukld ride with Ronnie. Commissioner Williams said he would be glad to. Commissioner vines said that the rental would be going back in a week so the leak would need diug out and any trash and limbs need to be picked up.

Attorney Wells asked Letha where would the money come from regardless of how much it is. Letha advised we wopuld have to get a loan and/or fund balance. It could be paid for out of fund balance but that’s like $100,000.00 coming out of fund balance all at one time. She suggested make a good down payment and finance the rest. 

Commissioner Williams said his concern is what happens if we have an emergency where we have to have a backhoe. We need some kind ofplan in place until we decide on purchasing one. He asked Ronnie what is the process in renting one and could he do it quickly if he needed to. Ronnie said it was no guarantee on how fast he could get it. Letha said if there is an emergency we could call a contractor or Town of Farmville if they aren’t tied up. 

This item is tabled until further research is done.

8.  Library Sale Process/Discussion – Attorney Wells said we have a cople options, we can sell it by requesting sealed bids, apublic auction or put on the market and solicit private bids. Just depends on what the Board wants to do. Board was provided a print out of the property printed from Pitt County OPIS, which has a listing of current market value at $73,702 and just land value only at $5458.00. Board concensus is selling by sealed bids with a minimum of $5458.00.

Attorney Wells said if there’s a minimum set and sealed bids come in and the highest bid is less than the advertised minimum the town would have to start the whole bidding process again.

Letha suggested rounding off the land value minimum to $6000.00.

Commissioner Edwards made a motion to sell the Library Building at 6740 East Wilson St. by sealed bids with a minimum of $7000.00, second made by Commissioner Williams. Motion passed with no opposition. Attorney Wells said the sale would be posted but the bids can’t be opened for at least 30 days. 

9.  Relocation of Emma Dupree Sign – Mayor Parker said last month she had said the sign would be located at the intersection of North Railroad and West Wilson ST. but the corrected space is at the corner of North Railroad and West Smith St. 


*Commissioner Edwards advised we have a citizen, Carlos Moore, that picks up trash when he walks daily. She thanks him every time she sees him. 

Bingo last month was good there were about 8-9 citizens that came out.

There is a new business here in town calles top |Choice Insurance Agency, LLC, owner is Xavier Perry. She feels it would be fitting if we were to have a ribbon cutting for that business.

Attorney Wells said the town should not do that. Mayor Parker said when Dollar Genral had theirs they invited the town. 

*Commissioner Vines said the maintenance department is doing well there are a few problems he hasn’t been able to attend to for the last several weeks because of his work. One was the backhoe; second are the complaints about the water leak but other than that everything is going well. They are on track with training. He spoke with Nancy Bell at Fountain EMS twice and she said she would get back to him. If he doesn’t hear from her, he is going to Pitt Community college.  

*Commissioner Johnson said she is in the process of getting bids for the little bridge at Trevathan Walking Trail to get it repaired and intall had rails. Also need a roof installed on the LIOSK to keep rain/water off the pamplet holders.

*Commissioner Strickland reminded everyone about the Easter Egg Hunt on Sturday at Shirley A. Mitchell park at 10:00 a.m. 


Commissioner Strickland made a motion to adjourn at 7:38 pm.     

Town Meeting Minutes April 20222022-12-01T12:33:29-05:00

National Night Out

National Night Out

August 2 at the Shirley Mitchell Park ( North Jefferson St )

6 – 8 PM.  Lots of fun

National Night Out2022-07-25T11:03:42-04:00

Special Town Meeting

Wednesday; July 20@ 7:00 pm

Special meeting ref accepting bid of new backhoe

Special Town Meeting2022-07-19T10:20:49-04:00
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